The Choir Kids – Do We Overreact Sometimes?

The Choir Kids – Do We Overreact Sometimes?

Do you ever have people around you rolling their eyes because of something you said? Is that “something you said”, by any chance, a statement of “overreaction”? Every single person in this entire world has overreacted about something, sometime along the way. However, “overreacting” can be a two-sided view.


Side one ♪ Side two – Which view are you?


Perception Is EverythingThere are certain degrees of overreacting, depending on how you, as an individual, perceive or look at things.

Some people may think that one group overreacts about the school’s dress code, when really, to the group who is thought to be “overreacting”, is simply just expressing their strong opinion. The way the school dress code plays out, means something to that group! The choir kids know all about this pain and can “overreact” about a ton of things!! (giggling)

Being in choir can be very mentally restful, and too, quite fun most of the time, but there are many times when it can put bunches of stress on our backs. This is where we “overreact” about certain things.


Overreacting or expressing opinion?


Most of my classmates give our choir director a hard time about standing up and doing warm-ups at the beginning of class. They don’t realize that in order to sing healthily, we need warm-ups to keep our voices exercised. It also helps us to work our diaphragm efficiently by standing, rather than sitting. So when being defiant about our routine warm-ups, my classmates may not see themselves as “overreacting” about the exercises.


The Choir Kids Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full


I can think of and understand many reasons why they may not want to stand and do the much needed warm-ups.

Like myself, they may feel that warm-ups can be super boring and they want to hurry up and get to the activities that matter more, such as singing and preparing for our show or learning our new music.

Another activity that choir kids seem to overreact about is auditions, whether it be all state auditions or a small solo audition in class. We stress out so much about singing in front of someone who we know is critiquing us as we sing through our prepared piece, note ♪ by note ♫.

Auditions get EVERYONE by the toes.

However, even if we don’t get the part, we know deep down that everything will be fine and life goes on, right?


Life goes on – Or does it?


The Choir Kids Tears of JoyEvery year, when the choir goes to all state auditions, usually most of us cry right after and always have feelings of just not being “good enough”. However, out of experience of this, I can vouch that, even though this is considered “overreacting” to most people, we actually have a reason to act in such a way.

Participating in an audition can be a frightening experience and can put so much pressure onto one’s shoulders. It’s super easy for a non-choir member to say, “Oh well it’s not a big deal so get over it. If you make it, you make it. If you don’t , you don’t.” What many don’t understand is that choir members have one goal in mind during an audition: to get the part.

It’s one of their priorities and something that is important to them, even though they do happen to overreact about it 🙂


It all truly boils down to one thing ♫


“Overreaction” basically comes down to what is important and how you perceive or view your own reactions vs other peoples reactions around you.

When something is important to one group (or individual), it may not be important to another group (or individual). While one group (or individual) believes they are expressing legit behavior, the other group may see them as “over reacting”. This is how perception works.


The Choir Kids Positive or Negative


Do we overreact a little too much sometimes? Maybe, but it is only because certain things are more important to us as individuals more so than other things. It all depends on how one views the world around them, how they view others and the situations that are taking place.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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One thought on “The Choir Kids – Do We Overreact Sometimes?

  1. Paula

    October 3, 2017 at 2:46pm

    What a great post! Very cool that kids too are understanding how important perception is and how it truly affects one’s life. Great job on writing this article and I just love the images! You did a fantastic job demonstrating through the use of your images; they’re like a picture book that tells the story. Awesome. Awesome topic! Thanks for sharing!!

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    • Author


      October 13, 2017 at 9:54pm

      Hey Paula! Thank you for such an inspiring and supportive comment! That is greatly appreciated 🙂 . Being in music has truly brought about this realization of understand that perception honestly is everything; how we perceive any situation to be. Its great that you’ve seen how the images reflect how perception works! How we see things in a positive way or a negative way. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks again for commenting, and for taking time to stop by and share you thoughts 🙂 .

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