A Mysterious Universal Language

A Mysterious Universal Language


The sensation this gives you is quite vital

This that gives the sensation requires of you no title

It gifts the feeling by its flow

Anyone is allowed to savor it, you know


Let the notes run through your fingers

Let them trickle out your lips

As it smoothly lingers

Through the rhythm of your hips


The magic of melody gives off unspeakable powers

One could be mesmerized for hours

The hexing of harmony may cast a spell on you

It’s beauty is indefinitely, undoubtedly true


It is all around us, through our deepest troubles

A universal language we all seem to understand

It allows us a way to burst out of our bubbles

This implement is something that is, uniquely grand


From A to C, from C to F

From bass, tenor, soprano, and treble clef

From F to F sharp, from D to B flat

As this thing start to play, all cease chit chat


It rustles through the wind

It emphasizes every beat

Let its rhythms begin.

For its cadence is quite sweet


This thing we call music has a beauty of its own

This phenomenon we call music, treasure it like a gemstone



© “A Mysterious Universal Language” written by Jillian Keen


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